The Land Rover Discovery Sport Holds Up to Seven Passengers and Performs Well

If you are interested in finding a vehicle that will better fit your family than the one that you are currently in, consider the popular seven passenger vehicle that is the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This is a well performing SUV and perfect for a family like yours.

The All-Terrain Progress Control system on the Land Rover Discovery Sport helps you get through even the most difficult terrain without incident. The engine that is part of your Land Rover Discovery Sport has the power that you need to handle all kinds of situations and to know that you will be…
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Choose the Range Rover for Its Unique Design

If you are ready to get into a vehicle that is truly going to help you stand out from the drivers around you, consider the Range Rover. Stop by Land Rover Lakeside to check out this popular luxury SUV and to see the details of its design up close.

The Range Rover features dramatic LED headlights that help it show you the way when you are driving at night and that help it look special in the daytime. The interior of the Range Rover is designed in a special way, too, and it features Rear Executive Class Seats.


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See yourself behind the wheel of the Discovery

With room for seven passengers, and cargo space, your next trip in your Land Rover Discovery can be in style and comfort.

But how well does this popular 7-passenger SUV perform? The Discovery has been redesigned with a lighter stronger frame. By using aluminum, the Discovery was able to become 1,000 pounds lighter than the LR4 without sacrificing strength and durability.

With different engines to choose from, there’s one component that they all have in common. The advanced ZF 8-speed automatic transmission provides a seamless shifting experience that responds to your...



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Start Your Next Adventure With the Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is a popular choice among those looking for a luxury SUV that can handle road adventures. With seating for seven, the Discovery allows you to take the whole family along. By using the performance features of the 2018 Discovery Sport, you'll be ready to tackle the toughest driving tasks.

The Discovery Sport is a true powerhouse when it comes to towing. The towing capacity is a generous 4,409 lbs. Optional items, such as Trailer Stability Assist, help keep loads in check while driving.

The new Discovery Sport gives you two options for engines. You can…

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The Reasons that Car Tire Pressure Matters

If the pressure in your car tires is not at the appropriate range, you may be doing more damage to the tires than you even realize.

When the pressure in the car tires is too high, the tires become more rounded and the vehicle tends to ride only in the middle of the tires. This not only will cause that center part of the tires to wear faster, it could lead to a blowout. The other issue with tires that have too much air is the car is harder to handle when traveling at high speed.

Low tire pressure can…
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Transfer Case Repairs

Cars that are equipped with four-wheel drive or with all-wheel drive have a transfer case. In the four-wheel drive vehicle, the transfer case provides power to the front and rear axles of your vehicle. On an all-wheel drive, the transfer case provides power to each wheel as necessary.

When the transfer case malfunctions, you will notice some warning signs. If you notice that it is hard to shift in and out of four-wheel drive, this is a sign of a bad transfer case. If you hear a grinding noise when shifting in and out of four-wheel drive, this is also…
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Windshield Wiper Replacement

Over time your windshield wipers can become worn down or damaged just from normal wear and tear and everyday use. It is common to have to replace your windshield wipers from one year to the next, and when you head to the store to replace them, you will find that there are a number of different brands and types of wipers that you can choose from. If you are in the market for windshield wipers, we here at Land Rover Lakeside can help you make a selection. Simply bring your vehicle in to our service center, and we'll get…
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Prevent a Bad Battery From Causing Other Problems

The components of a car are so interdependent that when one part is not functioning optimally, it can cause other issues throughout the vehicle. Keeping your battery fresh and maintained means you can prevent other more serious and potentially more expensive problems.

If your vehicle has a weak battery, it's going to try to make up for the deficiency by stressing other components in the vehicle like the starter motor or solenoid and your car's charging system. If these components can't get the juice they need, they will be struggling to draw the power they need, causing…

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