About Vehicle Payload and Towing

Whether for work or play, an owner may need to know a vehicle's payload to towing capability. Each figure describes the level of performance that can be expected from a particular vehicle. The payload is the maximum amount of weight that can be safely carried on the inside of the vehicle. The weight for passengers combined with cargo cannot exceed the recommended weight.

The towing weight refers to the amount of weight the vehicle is capable of pulling from behind. However, the towing capacity may differ depending on whether using a conventional trailer hitch or a gooseneck. A gooseneck hitch increases the towing ability of the truck. For this reason, many models often provide both towing weights.

Making sure to use a vehicle with the correct cargo or hauling capacity prevents costly damage to the vehicle's frame and axles. If in need of a hitch or other maintenance problems, visit our Land Rover Lakeside technicians.



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