Here at Land Rover Lakeside, many of our customers inquire about when they should have their tires replaced. Keeping the right tire tread depth is essential for braking, traction, handling, and stability. If you visually inspect your tires, these signs can let you know they need to be replaced.

Damage to the sidewall is a common sign of worn tires. If you notice cracks, cuts, or grooves in the sidewall, it is an indicator that a leak is developing. Be sure to have your tires inspected if you notice cracks or damage to the sidewall.

Bulges and blisters are another sign of tire damage. As the outer part of a tire starts to wear, it will begin to bulge or blister. These are weak spots that can cause a sudden blow out, which is extremely dangerous when you are driving at highway speeds. If you notice anything extending from the surface of the tire, then have it inspected for wear as soon as possible.



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