Even though most of us have a busy lifestyle that doesn't leave much time for doing maintenance on our cars, it doesn't take much time to check tire pressure, and doing so can actually save money and might help to avoid a breakdown.

Under-inflated tires will exhibit an uneven wear pattern that reduces the lifespan of the tire. It also makes them spin less efficiently, making the engine work harder to accelerate. This translates into wasted gallons of gas each year. Tires low on air also become more susceptible to blowouts. You'll want to follow the guidelines laid out in your owner's manual for filling your tires, as over-inflated tires will also wear unevenly.

If you'd like our certified mechanics to service your tires, head on over to Land Rover Lakeside. We'll rotate your tires, install a new set, check the tread level and ensure the pressure is correct on a schedule that's convenient for you.



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