Getting Ready For Camping

For Macomb residents who are planning on taking the family camping this summer, it is always important to be safe on the road. Of course, safety begins before you ever leave your driveway. That's why the Land Rover Lakeside team decided to put together this brief guide to preparing your vehicle to tow a camper.

If you are expecting things to get a little windy on the road, you should prepare your vehicle to handle any trailer sway that may occur. Though there are a few different ways to do this, the best is with a sway bar. This product connects your trailer to your tow hitch and helps to provide it with the support it needs.

Before you get going, you should also remember to carry out some basic maintenance work on your vehicle and your trailer. In particular, you should change your oil, check your tires, replace any misfiring spark plugs, and add a little fuel additive to improve your gas mileage.



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