What Is The Cabin Air Filter And Why Should You Replace It Periodically?

Knowing how to perform routine maintenance tasks is an important part of owning your own car. We at Land Rover Lakeside like to inform our customers in Macomb on what they can expect to due when they purchase the car of their dreams.

The cabin air filter is a type of air filter that filters out harmful pollutants and other substances from the air that is recirculated into the vehicle. It can filter out mold, pollen, dust as well as other harmful particles. This filter improves the overall air quality and makes it cleaner.

It is obvious why you should replace this vehicle filter periodically. If you don't change it, your car's interior will have mold, dust and pollen accumulate inside. The best way to tell if the cabin air filter needs to be changed is to remove it and inspect it. How long a filter lasts will depend on the conditions that the car is traveling in and where you reside.



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