How to Tell If Your Belts and Hoses Need Service

There are some common areas of a vehicle that most people pay attention to when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. Belts and hoses are often overlooked. The problem with this is, some major problems can occur when you have an issue with a belt or hose. Here's what to look for:


You may notice that a hose is bulging or swelling as they age. Cracks and visible wear are also signs of issues.

Serpentine Belt / V Belt

Splits and cracks are the most common signs of wear on the serpentine belt or V belt. You might also notice that these belts look extra greasy or shiny.

Timing Belt

You might be able to see sheared teeth or cracks in the belt. A screeching sound might come from the belt as it is running if it's getting old or worn out.



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