Reduce Blinding Glare

Driving on a bright sunny day is uplifting. But, the sun often hinders the driver's view. The worst times are sunrise and sunset. However, AAA offers a number of tips and tricks to minimize the problem.

Consider wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses that are specifically designed to dampen glare. Use the visors when possible to block the sun's rays. Drive with headlights or daytime running lights on to increase your visibility to other drivers. Ensure to leave more room between you and any vehicle in the front. In this way, you are better able to see what the vehicle is doing.

Keep the windshield interior and exterior clean. Avoid streaks as they tend to magnify glare. Have windshield chips, pits or cracks repaired. Do not put any papers or other objects on the dashboard that might reflect the sun into your eyes. If in the market to upgrade your vehicle, see us at Land Rover Lakeside.



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