Get a Dead Car Battery Revived with a Jump Start

When a car battery dies, there's a good chance it can be revived again by a jump start. Jumper cables give you the chance to attach one car battery to another in order to transfer power. If you have a dead battery because you left your lights on, it's time to find another car and get out your jumper cables.

Jumper cables come with a red and black wire. Car batteries have a red and black terminal end. Attach the red clamp to the red terminal on the good battery and do the same with the black. Your cables are live once you attach to the good battery, so don't allow the two clamps to touch.

Put cables on the dead battery and start the good car. There should be enough power in the dead battery after a couple of minutes of charging, so try to start the dead car. Remove jumper cables when the dead car starts.



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