The Range Rover Evoque Offers Responsive Safety Features

Designed with technology-savvy drivers and passengers in mind, the Range Rover Evoque is available for lease and sale at Land Rover Lakeside. Featuring a showroom in Macomb, this auto dealership offers the S base edition and SE model for test drives. Most of the car's digital technology is integrated into the Touch Pro infotainment, which also works smoothly with a handful of active safety features.

The optional Drive Package in the Evoque gives you more confidence for cruising busy urban streets. With some assistance from the High-Speed Emergency Braking, you might avoid accidents with pedestrians and vehicles. When this technology predicts a collision, the brakes are instantly engaged at maximum levels. The Drive Package also includes the Adaptive Cruise Control that responds to stop-and-go traffic on highways. Additionally, the optional bundle comes with the Blind Spot Assist, which helps you avoid a close encounter with other cars in your blind zones.



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