Always Share the Road

Whether the roads on which you drive the most are in Macomb or elsewhere, Land Rover Lakeside urges you to share the road with bicyclists. We offer tips today to help drivers and bicyclists achieve that end.

When you drive, stay alert. Distracted driving is dangerous. Never cruise in the same lane beside a bicyclist. You both need more reaction space than a side-by-side formation allows. Remember that cyclists are entitled to a lane's entire width. Only pass them when you can leave them a three-foot buffer while not impeding motorists in other lanes.

If you ride a bicycle on a road, you must obey traffic laws. Stop when laws dictate that you must. Go when allowed. Disobeying traffic laws could result in a traffic ticket or much worse. We also hope that you will only ride with a helmet and gear that helps you see and be seen. Doing so heightens your safety.



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