Pulling And Carrying Defines Towing Vs. Payload

Many people confuse vehicle towing capacity with payload limits. Knowing the difference is important if you operate a work vehicle, plan on towing auxiliary vehicles, or need to transport extremely heavy items. Exceeding tow and payload limits can do serious damage to your vehicle’s engine and body.

The towing capacity of a vehicle is based on the amount of torque its engine produces. If it begins pulling a heavy load, yet doesn’t have the transmission power to do so, the engine can be damaged. On the other hand, the payload of a vehicle is based on the sum of the vehicle’s weight, and how much weight the frame is able to carry. If a payload is exceeded, it can crack a car’s frame. If you plan on hauling a large load in Macomb, check for road weight limits, and if your vehicle’s performance specifications meet your needs.

If you cannot determine your vehicle’s hauling capacities, check with our mechanics at Land Rover Lakeside. We can locate the specifications for any model, engine, and frame. We can also address any problems that happen if you end up making the mistake of underestimating a load.



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