What Design Feature Makes the Land Rover Range Rover Sport Worth Buying?

If you're looking for a mid-size SUV that is in the luxury class, your eye has likely landed on the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Its stunning appearance may have been noticed first, but the Terrain Response capabilities are even better.

Introduced in 2013, the Range Rover Sport is perfect for many terrains. In fact, Land Rover's Terrain Response System offers you the chance to change both transmission and chassis settings according to the ground you're on. Whether you drive on gravel, sand or the highway, but just turning the center console knob, the vehicle will adjust perfectly. This preserves your engine and gives you a more comfortable ride no matter where you're going.

Come and test drive the Range Rover Sport at Land Rover Lakeside to see how this SUV could change your life. You may be as impressed as we are; you might even end up driving off the lot with one.




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