The Reasons that Car Tire Pressure Matters

If the pressure in your car tires is not at the appropriate range, you may be doing more damage to the tires than you even realize.

When the pressure in the car tires is too high, the tires become more rounded and the vehicle tends to ride only in the middle of the tires. This not only will cause that center part of the tires to wear faster, it could lead to a blowout. The other issue with tires that have too much air is the car is harder to handle when traveling at high speed.

Low tire pressure can be worse, because more tread is in contact with the road surface, wearing faster and lessening tire tread life. The tires wear on the outer edges, making it harder to control your vehicle.

Our service technicians here at Land Rover Lakeside can inspect your car tires for any signs of potential trouble.
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